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Gangnam style, Bieber and Apple generation

Can Gangnam style get first on Youtube a billion? No, it has its limitations. Psy is growing fast on YouTube, but anyway it is just a hit and in my opinion will stop before reaching a magic barrier. Justin Bieber has almost 800 mio views, but a different background- teenagers, the most trend pushing factor. Hormones get crazy and they fall easily in virtual love with Justin or another “pop- god” (as were Presley or Jackson years ago). But today there is a powerful tool in their hands. So they keep clicking, looking with amusement at their star that is soooo coooool. Similarly there was a teenager that watched Titanic more times a day, every day- in a cinema. She loved DiCaprio and a film itself. Today teenagers can do it from their home or even iPhone 🙂

Teenagers have an interior push that is the strongest feeling and power that can be used or exploited in advertising. And many companies know that.

Today children are born with a Facebook and e-mail account. They are on net before they get on this Planet. Crazy? Yes for me it is, but I’m not the newest generation (Apple/Facebook generation?). For them is natural to share completely their private life on a social network. Visibility among young people is everything. This is why (too) young girls take a photo of them self in a bra- or worst without it. They get suddenly 1000’s of virtual friends. Cool isn’t it? 😦 Imagine a young girl one day grown and looking for a job. An employer just types in Google her name and what can he see? Yes, exactly the same picture. Google don’t forget and wounds heal slowly.


There will be no conclusion how I see the future. I’ll just express it with the following picture:

P.S.: Don’t have to like this post, you can just write me a direct comment or come on a coffee (not a virtual one) 😉

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I am whatever you said I am. Being a proud VEGETARIAN

It depends of where you live how people comments on your “vegetarianism”. If you are born in India nobody bothers you with your legitimate and socially accepted decision of not eating meat. If you are born in some Eastern country (Poland, Kazakhstan, Bosnia,..) people many times don’t even understand what does it mean to be a vegetarian. Let’s see an example of what they say:

“Are you ill? You must have some disease if you don’t eat what human beings urgently need. Because it is from prehistoric time that we are created to eat meat, you cannot get all vitamins and minerals, etc..”

Beside these ignorant comments I never bother somebody if he eats meat, but they dare to comment my lifestyle if we eat on the same table. This is unacceptable.  This is why I say don’t be silent if you are a vegetarian and answer proudly to objections! Don’t think that you are something more or on a next stage of development, but don’t even dare to think that you are something less. What’s the difference between my and your abilities? Nothing. I can do the same things you can do and many of them much better.

Let’s see some their’s typical objections:

Them: You cannot eat just vegetables and run 8 kilometers. Me: OH, YES I CAN! And another guy can do it too- CARL LEWIS:

Them: You cannot eat just “grass” and work a hard physical work. Me: YES I CAN, AND I PROVED IT MANY TIMES.

Them: If you will not start to eat meat you will get sick in 1 year time. Me: Hmm, 1 year has passed I’m still alive. Surprised?

Them: If you will not eat meat you will get sick in few years. Me: Years has passed and I’m not just alive, I was not sick for the last 5 years. Before that I was sick EVERY year. Just coincidence? I would not say so.

There are 100’s of examples that I could mention and on each I could answer. If you wish to get more about vegetarianism and your real reasons why you are a “vegi”, than you will know to deal with any objection. McDonald’s will probably not be happy, but anyway, it’s your life and it’s your health.

Is there some difference in meat?

I don’t distinguish between meat. Meat is meat. In Europe or USA is shocking if somebody eat cats or dogs. In some parts in Asia it is a part of their meals. Somewhere people eat grasshoppers or worms. There is no difference:

Why I am a vegetarian? This are my reasons:

health reasons: since I don’t eat meat (5 years) I’ve been sick for a maximum of 2 days. And in general I feel healthier, less aggressive, lighter and generally better. If you don’t eat meat you are more healthy.

moral and ethic reasons: Why should grains feed animals that are than killed to finish on my plate. Humanity should eat more grains and there would not be hunger in the world. There is enough food but it is given to animals. They are killed in mass production slaughterhouses. And people die because of hunger at the same time..

ecological reasons: mass production of animals poisons the planet (methane)

If there would be more vegetarians on our planet it would be a greater one. Until we kill animals we will continue to kill people. Until we don’t see how an animal is killed we don’t care. If everybody would take a visit in a slaughterhouse there would be at least 50% less meat eaters, I’m sure. It should be enacted that all schoolchildren go once in their high school in a slaughterhouse. Let them see a real world and than decide what will they chose to eat.

Now you know why I’m proud and the same I want you to be if you are vegetarian. When somebody talks about your way of eating and you are a little bit undecided you can raise your head and voice and say: I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

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