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Gangnam style, Bieber and Apple generation

Can Gangnam style get first on Youtube a billion? No, it has its limitations. Psy is growing fast on YouTube, but anyway it is just a hit and in my opinion will stop before reaching a magic barrier. Justin Bieber has almost 800 mio views, but a different background- teenagers, the most trend pushing factor. Hormones get crazy and they fall easily in virtual love with Justin or another “pop- god” (as were Presley or Jackson years ago). But today there is a powerful tool in their hands. So they keep clicking, looking with amusement at their star that is soooo coooool. Similarly there was a teenager that watched Titanic more times a day, every day- in a cinema. She loved DiCaprio and a film itself. Today teenagers can do it from their home or even iPhone 🙂

Teenagers have an interior push that is the strongest feeling and power that can be used or exploited in advertising. And many companies know that.

Today children are born with a Facebook and e-mail account. They are on net before they get on this Planet. Crazy? Yes for me it is, but I’m not the newest generation (Apple/Facebook generation?). For them is natural to share completely their private life on a social network. Visibility among young people is everything. This is why (too) young girls take a photo of them self in a bra- or worst without it. They get suddenly 1000’s of virtual friends. Cool isn’t it? 😦 Imagine a young girl one day grown and looking for a job. An employer just types in Google her name and what can he see? Yes, exactly the same picture. Google don’t forget and wounds heal slowly.


There will be no conclusion how I see the future. I’ll just express it with the following picture:

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PSY – GANGNAM STYLE overtakes Justin Bieber (Baby). The secret why is so popular?

In this days Psy’s Gangnam style surpassed even Justin Bieber long time number one on Youtube most popular videos: You can check the TOP 10 list for November 2012 here:

Gangnam still grows around 10 millions of views every day. Now it’s over 804 millions and will probably get more than a billion views until the end of the year. Why is it a first video from Asia to bi so popular? Let me explain.

For the first time in internet history and YouTube there is a video that got publicity and popularity in Korea (so Asia) and it spread to the “West World” very fast. It had everything a video needs to get popular on YouTube and in a Western world.

REASONS: Koreans are enthusiastic about their superstar that promote them in the world (whatever kind of promotion, even if is stereotyped) so themselves keep clicking on a video on daily basis. Than a spread of word goes around USA and Europe in a way: “Have you seen the crazy Asian guy dancing and singing like a maniac on YouTube?” Internet is well spread in Korea and is growing in general in Asia, but still is has not such a power as it has for now with “advanced users” in a Western World. So it needed our world to get really popular worldwide. And he succeeded. What’s more?

On the top it is a great video- movie that keep the attention, because you are just waiting for the next crazy scene to come. Some scene are shocking and new. It has some new and good dancing shows that are needed for a very popular video (look at Michel Telo- Ai se eu ti pego). The song itself is almost hypnotic and has a great charm – even if you don’t understand a word you feel it anyway, strange feeling. Strange is also a fact that it has almost no women in the video until the final part where is 1 girl dancing. Can you hear the echo of the song in your head?

It sounds in your head all day long after you hear it few times. It is entertaining, funny and moreover quite shocking, strange. It will probably get in every discotheque around the world in near future. There is a possibility to remake a song with Justin Bieber and much more to come. The celebrities helped to promote the video (USA) and the media are helping to make it even bigger (same happened with Michel Telo) maybe bigger than it really deserves.

Is this going to be the first video to reach a billion of views? Justin Bieber could not get to a billion in years, but I forecast that Psy is going to be the first one to get a billion before Christmas! The enthusiasm of his fans is amazing. Power of masses and proudness. LIVELOVEACT FOR YOU!


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