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Gangnam style, Bieber and Apple generation

Can Gangnam style get first on Youtube a billion? No, it has its limitations. Psy is growing fast on YouTube, but anyway it is just a hit and in my opinion will stop before reaching a magic barrier. Justin Bieber has almost 800 mio views, but a different background- teenagers, the most trend pushing factor. Hormones get crazy and they fall easily in virtual love with Justin or another “pop- god” (as were Presley or Jackson years ago). But today there is a powerful tool in their hands. So they keep clicking, looking with amusement at their star that is soooo coooool. Similarly there was a teenager that watched Titanic more times a day, every day- in a cinema. She loved DiCaprio and a film itself. Today teenagers can do it from their home or even iPhone 🙂

Teenagers have an interior push that is the strongest feeling and power that can be used or exploited in advertising. And many companies know that.

Today children are born with a Facebook and e-mail account. They are on net before they get on this Planet. Crazy? Yes for me it is, but I’m not the newest generation (Apple/Facebook generation?). For them is natural to share completely their private life on a social network. Visibility among young people is everything. This is why (too) young girls take a photo of them self in a bra- or worst without it. They get suddenly 1000’s of virtual friends. Cool isn’t it? 😦 Imagine a young girl one day grown and looking for a job. An employer just types in Google her name and what can he see? Yes, exactly the same picture. Google don’t forget and wounds heal slowly.


There will be no conclusion how I see the future. I’ll just express it with the following picture:

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