What have David Beckham, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Justin Bieber (no, sorry, not yet) Kobe Bryant and Brad Pitt in common?

EVERYONE HAS CHEATED. Some of them regret it, some don’t. It happened accidentally, she was pushing (yeah, right), we argued and I needed to release (yeah, release what).. bla, bla, just excuses.  They don’t understand it even today. Man I’ll tell you: it’s in you, not a hot baby fault, not even your girlfriend/wife that didn’t’ give you for a whole week.

Most of men don’t care how a woman looks like. They think just about their instincts that prevail over their reason. So it’s the same which and who’s hole it is. Simply: A hole it’s a hole.

A big reason why “stars” cheat is that they need scandals and publicity to stay under spotlights. To be interesting they need to fill up medias with news as much as human body needs water (water=my next spot, coming soon 😉

Is it possible that man or woman never cheat? If you look at our nature- NO. We are not monogamous beings, the society forms us and we force ourselves to be loyal, many times because of love.

P.S.: Still don’t believe in a theory of a hole? Think of millions of men cheating their wife even with an uglier woman. Or a hard example: prisoners. Some like to say: a hole it’s a hole, let’s stick it…..

How you like this song? Some would sing it this way:

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe


Hey, we just fu***d

And it was crazy,

Delete my number

And keep the baby !

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